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"Not only is Dr. Bobotis the best dentist I have ever had, he is also one of the nicest individuals I know. His dental technique is excellent and he has done a wonderful job with the work I needed. In addition to this, his genuine, caring manner is best of all. You can tell how much he cares just from talking with him a short while."

D. B.


Please thank your team for their great care! And thank you for taking away my pain and my fear!

D. J.


Thank you for the exceptional service you provided me during my root canal. Everyone made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My experience could not have been better. I hope you know what a pleasure it was to be cared for in such a wonderful manner.
P.S. I had almost no pain after the root canal!

P. C.


Thank you for such kind treatment at your office this week. You and your staff were wonderful and made the dreaded root canal experience as painless as possible. I was particularly appreciative of your follow up call and disappointed that I missed speaking to you directly.
I certainly will not hesitate to come to you again if this procedure is necessary and will confidently recommend you and your staff to others.

J. B.


I came in this past week for a repair of an old root canal. I thought I would let you know that nothing you predicted came true.
You said the injections would sting and you apologized for that. They did not sting.
You gave me a prescription for a painkiller you said I might need. I did not need it.
You said the tooth could be sore. It was not.
You said my jaw would be sore from keeping my mouth open. It was not.
You said the gum would be sore from the work. It was not.
You said my mouth might be uncomfortable for a few days. It was not.
I can only conclude that you are not humans and instead you are a race of superheroes sent from another planet to make our lives better.
I request that you take a day off from dentistry and fix the stock market.
Thanking you in advance for your help, I now look forward to (rather than dread) the arrival of my next IRA statement.
Just wanted to thank you for the great job.

R. H.


Thank you all so much for the kindness you showed yesterday. You have all proven once again what a great team you are. You touch people's lives with much more than your dental skills. Your level of kindness, generosity and professionalism is high above the rest. Thank you for the great care you give to all your patients.



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